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NeuroTrad Europe

Dear Sir or Madam, is the website for recruiting professional employees in the sectors of post-editing (neural machine translation), traditional translation and phone interpreting and video conference interpreting.

NEUROTRAD EUROPE is a French company, part of the OPTILINGUA INTERNATIONAL group, which is widely known and can be found in 12 European countries.

NEUROTRAD EUROPE’s main aim is to provide neural machine translations carried out using either SLD TRADOS NMT or other professional automatic translation tools for language pairs that cannot be undertaken with SLD TRADOS NMT.

The purpose of the online form at this website is mainly to select post-editors, but also professional translators who carry out traditional translations, as not all the supports or sectors can be supported by automatic translation systems.

If you’d like to be on our data base, please complete the questionnaire. Don’t forget to attach your CV and, for professionals working in France, your URSSAF or self-employed certification.

As you are probably aware, neural machine translation is half the price of traditional translation. You need to bear this aspect in mind as we shall exclude any applications whose prices exceed those of the translation agency market.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are mainly looking for professional post-editors who have a certain amount of experience and references in this area.

A new service is set to come on line in the fourth quarter of 2020: phone interpreting and video conference interpreting. If this is one of the services you can provide, just go to the relevant section and fill in the form.

Frédéric IBANEZ,